Tuesday, January 15, 2019

"The Earth Time" by Lloyd Hitt Celebrates the Wisdom of a Lifetime

The Earth Time is a unique poetry collection documenting a lifetime of service of Dr. Lloyd Hitt, a Californian, pharmacist, USC graduate, Korean War veteran, writer, and community activist. The book of 46 poems is divided into five sections, focusing on: the contemplation of natural beauty and power (The Earth Time), dramatic experiences of WWII (The War Time), memories of the past that passed away too quickly (The Memory Time), milestones of a well-lived life (The Life Time), and the time of love, primarily for his wife, poet and historian Marlene Hitt (The Love Time). Dr. Hitt received many awards and honors for his tireless and dedicated community service.

ISBN 9781945938320, paperback, $15

ISBN 978-1-945938-33-7, ebook, in ePub system, $10 


A Californian, born in 1932, graduate of Verdugo Hills High School, 1949; graduate of University of Southern California School of Pharmacy with a Pharm D degree, President of the School of Pharmacy;U.S. Sargent and recipient of the Purple Heart (Korean War);Pharmacist and manager of Hobers Pharmacy, Sunland, CA 1959-1995; President of the Little Landers Historical Society for nine years; highly esteemed Sunland Tujunga citizen; Former member of the Chupa Rosa Writers; Present member of the Village Poets and the monthly readings at Bolton Hall Museum; husband of Marlene Hitt.
For many years, Dr. Hitt has served as President of the Little Landers Historical Society that manages the Bolton Hall Museum in Tujunga. He served as President Emeritus and charter member of the Tuna Camp Coalition formed to investigate, memorialize and make public the story of the Japanese relocation camp in Tujunga which was formed to incarcerate Japanese during the three years of World War II, 1941-1943. Nancy Oda, current President of Tuna Canyon Detention Camp Coalition stated about Dr. Hitt: “He told us that his motivation to make a difference came when he faced death during the Korean War and promised to make a difference if he survived. Indeed, his life has been one of service to his community as a pharmacist and activist.”

Dr. Hitt received many awards and honors for his tireless and dedicated community service, including the titles of the Grand Marshall in Sunland Tujunga’s Independence Day Parades. He belonged to poetry groups Chupa Rosa Writers and now is a member of the Village Poets, helping to organize monthly Village Poets Readings at the Bolton Hall Museum.