Friday, February 14, 2014

Poetry of Valentines, Love, and Roses

Happy Valentine's Day to all happy and unhappy lovers. All lovers should be happy, even if their love is gone, dead, or lost in the mist of time. It is the supreme gift of having been able to feel what generations of poets have felt, from the divine Sappho until today...

For lovers of love poetry, Maja Trochimczyk's Rose Always - A Court Love Story was all in dew-drop rose-red, and filled with love poetry of delight, desire, fulfillment, and heartbreak. All versions of this book were withdrawn in 2018.

"This novella in verse is a tragedy; intense love against betrayal...Love is a strange truth--no two loves are the same. There are spiritual depths in each being. It is astonishing to see a woman's soul clearly in public in the white heat of love, the thought light of kisses sparkling on skin, the departure point into worlds. Even after it seemed lost her love takes a deeper spiritual form; she continues to love..."Russell Salamon

Rose Always - No. 58

I’ve never done so much
to destroy a love, yet it lives on,
lingers in the corners of my soul,
explodes like summer fire, joy ineffable

con moto, agitato

I’ve never seen so much beauty
in one body, outlined by a halo of grace,
smooth lover’s sweat at midnight,
bright morning sunrays, light invincible

sotto, colla voce

I’ve never felt so much
desire, blinding me to all
but your heartbeat, the warm touch
of your strength, dangerous charm


I’ve never dreamed so much
of a happy future, two strangers
who share nothing, just surprise
at the unthinkable bliss of chance

molto scherzando

I’ve never loved so much  

(c) 2011 by Maja Trochimczyk

For lovers of love's wisdom in poetry, Maja Trochimczyk's Miriam's Iris, or Angels in a Garden, describes a life trajectory from homesickness, through romance, grief, and reconciliation with the most beautiful of loves, found only with the Angel called Sophia, the Divine Wisdom. This book, too, found its admirers among reviewers. 

Paperback Edition: ISBN 978-0-578-00166-1
Preview on Google Books: Miriam Preview
Hardcover with Color Photos: ISBN 978-0-9819693-2-9 
EBook (PDF) from ISBN 978-0-9819693-2-9

"Rarely does one find a book of poetry which holds together as well as Miriam's Iris. Although presented as a collection of individual poems, it reads like it was composed as a whole, as a single poem of multiple parts. . .Miriam's Iris is a strong demonstration of how poetry can evoke emotion without getting bogged down in the details of one's affairs. Along the way it provides some wisdom about finding one's place, accepting what one is given." (G. Murray Thomas in, Feburary 2010)

Amor 6 

 the more I love
 the more dangerous 
life becomes 
in its graphic beauty 

carved with a dagger 
stolen from time 

 the blade cuts 
old wounds open 

 it slides on the skin 
of the moment 

 pierced by knowing

 © 2006 by Maja Trochimczyk

For lovers of life itself, and the miracle of living on our planet, surrounded by the loved ones that we sometimes appreciate only if we are truly lost, Ed Rosenthal's The Desert Hat will be a delight, with its incredible story of a true loss - wandering through the Mojave Desert for six days, he wrote love messages for his wife and daughter on his hat. He somehow had a pencil with him, and not a piece of paper or a notebook. The hat is destined for a museum of human spirit. The book - for your shelf or some reading device.

Paperback edition, ISBN 978-0-9819693-7-4
eBook for iTunes or Nook, $10.00: ISBN 978-0-9819693-9-8

"Ed Rosenthal's The Desert Hat not only recounts an incredibly vivid story of survival, but maps out the dangerous journeys of the heart and the imagination in that hallucinatory place between mind and body, between nature and man, between the past and the future. Like poet James Wright, Rosenthal "goes/ Back to the broken ground" of the self and finds a stranger there trapped in the cosmology of an endless, unpitying desert. As the stark "sun burns holes/ into the sky" the psyche'€™s true-north compass finds salvation'€™s shade. Rosenthal climbed out of "the busted monster'€™s mouth" with a beautiful, moving book."

 ~ Elena Karina Byrne, Executive Director of AVK Arts, author of The Flammable Bird Masque and Squander

If all this is not enough, readers may found lots of love poems, and roses, at the following issues of blogs.


Maja Trochimczyk blog, first documenting her tenure as Poet-Laureate of Sunland-Tujunga, and later whatever catches her poetic fancy, including a series of post on love, the Valentine's Day, and roses.


Stories of Chopin's love letters, his interests in roses, violets, his failed love affairs and sublime music. Illustrations include Redoute's engravings of roses.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Susan Dobay Presents the Franz Liszt Documentary in her Gallery in Monrovia, February 9 at 3:00 pm

Moonrise Press and the Scenic Drive Gallery 



A documentary film by Ophra Yerushalmi 

Free Screening of a 60-min. film will take place on Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 3 p.m.
at the Scenic Drive Gallery, 125 Scenic Drive, Monrovia, CA 91016, tel. 626-359-3946.

In order to attract attention to this wonderful event, the hostess, Hungarian-American artist Susan Dobay created a series of digital collages interpreting Liszt's piano music. She started with a dark one, appropriate for the film's title - dance with the devil.

Then she moved on to the more positive pink dove flying off the keyboard (above), and finally, found the melancholy face in a tranquil natural setting. 

All the images are made using Dobay's technique of "digital image integration" and all have something new to show and tell us. Let's watch the Liszt's documentary and be inspired by his art and Ophra Yerushalmi's effort to bring him and his ideas to life.