Friday, April 4, 2014

National Poetry Month with Village Poets and "Meditations" on April 5 in Tujunga

Celebrate the National Poetry Month with a reading by the Village Poets at the Sunland-Tujunga Library. The reading will be held at the Library on Saturday, April 5, at 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

 The Library is located at 7771 Foothill Blvd., Tujunga CA 91042, tel. (818) 352-4481.

The reading will feature poetry from Moonrise Press books: Meditations on Divine Names (2012) and Chopin with Cherries (2010). Three group poems will provide a framework to the program: Riddles in the Rain - group poem, Enrollment by Joe DeCenzo, and The Veil, The Weave by Maja Trochimczyk.


The Village Poets is a group of former Poets-Laureate of Sunland-Tujunga that organizes monthly Village Poets readings at Bolton Hall Museum (, and that also sponsor the bi-annual search for the new Poet-Laureate of the community.

  • Marlene Hitt, the first Poet Laureate of Sunland-Tujunga and the author of several chapbooks;

  • Joe DeCenzo, past Poet Laureate of Sunland-Tujunga and a Department of Cultural Affairs grant recipient whose published works include The Ballad of Alley and Hawk; 

  • Dorothy Skiles, the present Poet Laureate of Sunland-Tujunga, whose writing has appeared in a variety of publications and anthologies; and 

  • Dr. Maja Trochimczyk, past Poet Laureate of Sunland-Tujunga, the founder of Moonrise Press that published three volumes of poetry and two anthologies, and author of over 200 published poems. 

The Village Poets will be joined on this occasion by two guest poets: Dr. Mira Mataric, Serbian-American poet and writer, recipient of numerous awards and honors, author of 36 books (and counting), and Elsa S. Frausto, newly selected to serve as the Eight Poet Laureate of Sunland Tujunga.