Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Announcing the Publication of "Into Light: Poems and Incantations" by Maja Trochimczyk

This pocket-book-size collection written by Maja Trochimczyk over the past twenty years includes 29 poems and 11 "incantations" that focus on the intertwined spiritual concepts of Light and Love. The poems, initially created within the Catholic mystical tradition of contemplation and adoration of the Divine presence, gradually evolved to encompass a broader scope of spiritual insights, without losing the main focus: reaching out in Love to the One Light, the Source of All. The simple and repetitive meditations and incantations are meant to inspire, uplift, and fill the heart with Light and Love.

At this time, the book is available in paperback and EPUB electronic book formats from

Paperback, pocket-book size, ISBN 978-0-9963981-8-3, 80 pages (xii + 68 pages),  price - $10.00: 

EPUB ebook, ISBN 978-0-9963981-9-0,  price - $8.00: .

Table of Contents


A Passage ∻ 2
A Walk in the Canyon ∻ 3
No More ∻ 5
Timelessness ∻ 6
Awakenings ∻ 7
The Bluest ∻ 9
A Subliminal Song ∻ 10
The Gift of Patience ∻ 11
A Promise ∻ 13
The Feast ∻ 14
Of Bliss ∻ 15
Seeing Madonnas … ∻ 16
Rosa Mystica ∻ 17
The Cornerstone of the Soul ∻ 20
How to Cross the Great White ∻ 21
After the Crossing ∻ 23
The Vanishing Point ∻ 24
See How we Dance? ∻ 25
From the Mountains ∻ 27
Convergence ∻ 28
Gloria ∻30
A Perfect Universe ∻ 31
Cosmos ∻ 32
Elijah’s End ∻ 34
In a Magnolia Courtyard ∻ 36
On Squaring the Circle ∻ 37
Repeat After Me ∻ 39
A Rainbow Vision ∻ 41
Meditation on Light ∻ 43


Morning Greetings ∻ 46
Our Mother ∻ 47
Breathing Affirmations ∻ 48
On Being a Tree ∻ 50
Being the Sun ∻ 51
Crown Jewels ∻ 52
The Seven Suns ∻ 53
The Divine Path ∻ 60
The Stream ∻ 62
The Shield of Light ∻ 64
The Shield of Love ∻ 65


After writing and editing a variety of books on music, dance, and poetry, and publishing poetry in various journals, I decided it is time to do something completely altruistic, without any shadows within, with a clear direction upwards, to the light. I pulled together my “enlightened” poems from the past 20 years and created “incantations” – personal meditations and prayers, designed for quiet reading alone to uplift the soul in the morning, or provide a respite in a busy day.

My fascination with the twin themes of “light” and “love” dates back to my “conversion” period in Poland, when I read the Bible from cover to cover and started collecting all references to these mirrored themes that I could find. I thought of writing a mini-treatise on the topic of Divine Light to celebrate my baptism in 1987 at the age of 30. But somehow, I got too busy with other things and my treatise is now coming to life in an entirely different form.

On my spiritual path, marked by a late start and guided by many unusual visions and revelations (suitably so for a complete sceptic who would not believe in anything, unless personally experienced) I owe a debt of gratitude to many who have led me on the path of Light. First, my Godmother, Sister Elia of the Franciscan Sisters in Warsaw, taught me rigorous “rules of conduct” as a perfect daughter, mother, student, and mystic – especially the Ten Commandments and the Two Commandments of Love.  

Along the way, while making a discovery of a complete new continent of spiritual and religious writings, I read with great interest The Cloud of Unknowing, the writings and biographies of Blessed Hadewijch; Rumi; St. John of the Cross; Father Teilhard de Chardin; two twin souls, Discalced Carmelites Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity (to be Canonized in October 2016); and Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus from Lisieux, and many others, including poets Czeslaw Miłosz and Emily Dickinson. One of the most influential books was Guidelines for Mystical Prayer by English Carmelite, Ruth Burrows. 

In the 2010s in California, I found insight and love in the poetry and friendship of the “Spiritual Quartet” – four women who have taken birds as their totem images while pursuing their own paths into Light, sometimes parallel, sometimes inter-woven. Lois P. Jones (“the Phoenix”), Susan Rogers (“the Hummingbird”) and Ambika Talwar (“the Peacock”) have been faithful companions and guides on my own way into the Awakening. I’m “the Dove” of love, they decided, and so be it. 

The poems and incantations in this volume do not express any particular spirituality or religion, except my own mystical focus on the unknown Source of us all, the Light that draws us near, the Love that keeps us connected and dwells in our hearts. 

Baptized at 30 into the Catholic Church, after a long search for the right path, I’m an usher in my local parish. But I also seek enlightenment where it can be found, so I attend “light-giving” sessions at the Sukyo Mahikari Spiritual Development Centers (with Susan Rogers as my guide) and spiritual healing sessions given by inspired healers, filled with Divine light and grace, Kimberly Meredith and Ambika Talwar. 

Some of my “incantations” feature fragments of Catholic prayers, such as the Shield of St. Patrick, or words borrowed from Kimberly Meredith, or Messages by Archangel Michael channeled by Ronna that I found on YouTube. I also paraphrase ideas and inspirations from the Convoluted Universe books by hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon, The Law of One, the Spiritual Development Course by the Abbotts (Australia), and the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. If there are any others, whose ideas I may have adopted as mine without proper acknowledgement, Love and Light to you all!

There are so many parallels and synchronicities in the mystical traditions. While reading the Prayer to Fukushima Waters, for healing of the environmental damage, written by Dr. Masaru Emoto, you might recognize the sections of the Catholic Mass: “Water, we are sorry” (Mea Culpa), “Water, please forgive us” (Kyrie Eleison), “Water, we thank you” (Eucharist), “Water, we love you” (Communion).  At least, that’s what it seems to me, but I’m a Catholic, converted from scientific atheistic worldview. The “Divine indwelling” described by the Carmelites parallels the discovery of the Adamantine Particles of God, the Spark of Divine Light, or the loving connection to the Source deep within our hearts, contemplated in meditation.

Finding the way to becoming a Child of Light has been the greatest adventure of my life. I leave my reflections to my readers, with the hope that they, too, shall follow their own paths into the Light!

Maja Trochimczyk

On Squaring the Circle

It is a simple square that contains a circle –
four ideas, four words –

— sorry — forgive — thank — love —

No need for explanations,
long winding roads of words
Leading into the arid desert
of heartless intellect, auras
of geometric shapes floating above
your head – a scattered halo
of squares, sharp-edged cubes
prickly triangles, and hexahedrons.

No, not that. Instead let us find
the cornerstone of simplicity –

Sorry – to erase the past

Forgive – to open the path into the future

Thank – to suffuse the way, each moment 
with the velvet softness of gratitude

Love – to find a pearl unlike any other
a jewel of lustrous shine – incomparable, 
dazzling, smooth, pulsating sphere

A dot on the horizon grows
as you, step by step, come closer
until you enter into the shining
palace without rooms
where inside is outside,
the circumference is in the point,
the point in the circumference,

where movement is stillness
and stillness dances within –
traveling to a myriad of planets,
suns, galaxies, with the unheard of
velocity, being everywhere at once

Love everyone — Respect everything

So that’s how you square a circle